integral-healing-mediumISOL Centre for Integral Healing is deeply inspired by the power of nature and its healing capacity that it holds within itself, parts of which still remain unfolded, undiscovered. Through centuries, the human race has been delving into a vast variety of natural resources driven by curiosity through ways that are incessantly innovative.

The Indian subcontinent has been a source of one of the most effective and ancient forms of medicinal science – Ayurveda. Despite the longevity and significant origin from the Vedas, several elements and facets are yet to be unraveled which also lands us in the dire need to be considerate and safeguard the depleting flora and fauna.

The ultimate aim of ISOL Centre for Integral Healing is to integrate the wisdom adapted from the traditional system of Indian medicinal practices and equip the corporate houses with an environment devoid of stress leading to mindfulness, enhanced efficiency and connectivity.

Drawing insights from various aspects of Ayurveda, Folk Medicine, synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo, Integral Healing by Mother and so on, the centre envisions to furnish the corporate society as well as entrepreneurs with programs imbibed with the positive implications of the traditional knowledge, set up a research based Integral Health Hospital and cater actively to the need of preservation of the nature in its every form.